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Voting for the European Cooperation Day video contest has now closed with a total number of 15060 votes cast. In addition, a jury of 12 professionals has evaluated all videos. The votes have been counted and we are very happy to announce the winners!

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Although the competition is over, you can continue to watch the many diverse and interesting video submissions here below!

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  1. July 15
    • Author marinella S.
    • Length 2:53

    The video presents the activities supported by the 3i Plus project concerning Intelligent transport systems.
    It summarises how 15 partners coordinated by Regione Toscana invested in mobility manag...

  2. July 09
    • Author Jose Manuel G.
    • Length 2:58

    Cross-border Cooperation Operational Programme Spain-Portugal 2007-2013. EUROACE Region. Descriptive video of RAT_PC Project. Early warning networks in civil protection. Author: Manuel Daniel Dav...

  3. June 30
    • Author Aurelio J.
    • Length 2:04

    The video explains how, thanks to the ERDF and the INTERREG IVC Programme, we have dentified useful targeted services that could help Young SMEs in their transition from protective environments to ...

  4. June 30
    • Author Francisco H.
    • Length 2:59

    RITECA II Project (Cross-Border Research Network of Extremadura, Centro and Alentejo) is financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), through the Operational Programme for Cross-borde...

  5. July 09
    • Author Juan F.
    • Length 1:51

    This is a promotional video about the advantages that foreign investors can find in the Euroregion Galicia - Northern Portugal as cohesive region in southern Europe and privileged area for business...

  6. July 15
    • Author Maeva J.
    • Length 3:00

    With nine structures involved in France, Belgium and the UK, IC Music is a truly European project striving towards three aims: increase artist circulation, develop cultural initiatives and reinfo...

  7. July 14
    • Author Véronique V.
    • Length 3:01

    SAFE-ICE is a cluster, led by Hastings Borough Council, that brings together ten Interreg IVA 2 Seas Projects (SISCo, ACE, FUSION, ECOMIND, INSPIRER and 5 associated projects) who are all working i...

  8. July 15
    • Author Rachael F.
    • Length 3:01

    The SUCCES project team has developed a cross-border project of employment support that provides a holistic programme of support including soft skills and formal qualifications for job-seekers, giv...

  9. July 15
    • Author Maria S.
    • Length 3:01

    It tells of the days of Cagliari project TRAME. The values​​, the activity results obtained by students and teachers from four schools from the city overlooking the Mediterranean. Shot in two days ...

  10. July 15
    • Author Marija K.
    • Length 1:56

    With a set of different recreational, artistic and educational activities, which included a photography exhibition, demonstration of various sport clubs, creative workshops for children, a study to...

  11. July 11
    • Author Pedro M.
    • Length 2:59


    Born in the frame of the Cross Border Cooperation Spain - Morroco the “Local Environmental Agents “ (...

  12. July 14
    • Author Ricardo I.
    • Length 3:00

    The Trans-Pyrenees Action for Advanced Infrastructures for Nanosciences and Nanotechnology (Train2) project aims to make the SUDOE region a global reference in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology by bri...

  13. July 15
    • Author Luisa V.
    • Length 2:59

    Video realized in the context of the ITER project - Imaginez un Transport Efficace et Responsable.
    The video shows the travel-experience of 5 italian and french young people moving during a wee...

  14. July 15
    • Author Pablo B.
    • Length 1:38

    IDARA is a cross-border cooperation project linking the province of Malaga (Spain) with the neighbouring region of Tangier-Tetouan (Morocco). IDARA is led by the Diputacion de Malaga (Malaga County...

  15. July 15
    • Author Zane S.
    • Length 2:40

    Tukums Municipality in cooperation with their partners from Latvia, Lithuania and Poland – Tukums Seniors Club, Tukums Regional Multifunctional Youth Center, Plunge Municipality, Plunge Seniors clu...

  16. July 15
    • Author David M.
    • Length 3:00

    Overview of Smart ECO Hub EU project with some member companies sharing their experiences of this EU Funded collaborative Cluster.

    The Smart Eco Hub is a cross border cluster organisation for th...

  17. July 15
    • Author MARICHE S.
    • Length 2:57

    Arab calligraphy with Abdellatif Moustad, Urban calligraphy with Zepha, Street art with Sex el niño de las pinturas and Axel Void. An open space to work with artists and show the results of it unde...

  18. July 15
    • Author Francisco L.
    • Length 3:01

    REDALH: Cross-border Cultural Heritage: Creation of Network of Management Professionals of Heritage is a Project that is jointly financed by the European Union in the Second Notification for Projec...

  19. July 15
    • Author Fátima R.
    • Length 3:00

    The Guadiana river and the development of its basin are key elements in this cross- border cooperation, in which the regions of Andalucía, Algarve and Alentejo have been working for over twenty yea...

  20. July 15
    • Author María Dolores G.
    • Length 2:43

    Aashara is a project that seeks to promote business and cultural cooperation between the North of Morocco and Andalusia, through various activities:
    The Andalusian Council of Chambers and its par...

  21. July 15
    • Author Latvia-Lithuania Programme J.
    • Length 1:06

    Social advertisement, created by the project 'I CAN WORK' (Latvia-Lithuania Cross Border Cooperation Programme).

  22. July 15
    • Author Marie V.
    • Length 3:01

    Protopitch is a cross border competition for digital innovative projects in the creative industries in the Belgian-French border area (Interreg IVA France-Wallonie-Vlaanderen). It is an action in t...

  23. June 18
    • Author Carlos Jesús R.
    • Length 3:01

    This video shows the natural border between Spain and Portugal Douro River forming its international tranche.

    We would like to show the environmental and socio-economic potential of this area t...

  24. July 10
    • Author Ricardo S.
    • Length 3:01

    AEBR Summer Seminar in Trieste. July 2012. Istria, Croatia. Parenzana

  25. July 15
    • Author PASQUALE C.
    • Length 2:16


  26. July 11
    • Author Montserrat B.
    • Length 2:59

    The participative process in the “Los LImoneros” building was carried out as a part of ELIH MED (Energy Efficiency in Low Income Housing), a strategic project co-financed by the MED Programme invol...

  27. July 11
    • Author François A.
    • Length 2:59

    This video promotes CLEAN MY CITY, an application from the APSAT project, supported by ERDF funds from the European Commission (SUDOE programme).

  28. July 15
    • Author Isabel M.
    • Length 3:00

    The video is a short presentation of the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory.
    Presenting INL's scientific infrastructure and main goals. It is directed to attract human capital to the ...

  29. July 04
    • Author FRANC K.
    • Length 3:01

    In the project »LQ CELIAC« cooperate Slovenian and Hungarian experts in the field of the public health. The aim of this project is improving the life quality of the celiac disease patients.

  30. July 08
    • Author LATINKA J.
    • Length 3:00

    The Region of Istria began the systematic mapping of its marine habitats in 2008 with the aim to designate potential marine NATURA 2000 areas. The Institute for Physical Planning Region of Istria c...

  31. July 15
    • Author José Luis N.
    • Length 2:31

    Video that collects images of activities in the Rural Training Centres, where you can see both, students and teachers from, Extremadura in Spain, Alentejo and Centro in Portugal taking part in them...

  32. July 14
    • Author SONIA M.
    • Length 1:58


    Impulse project of Intercommunity Network for Environmental Excellence by restoring natural river ecosystems for tourism

    Theme: Environment, heritage and nature.

  33. July 14
    • Author Véronique V.
    • Length 2:26

    Answers to the Carbon Economy (ACE) is a project in the INTERREG IVA 2 Seas programme. ACE responds to the European Union's climate and energy agenda and to its aim for sustainable economic growth....

  34. July 13
    • Author Vlad R.
    • Length 2:09

    2D Marine Seismic Acquisition System on-board of R/V Mare Nigrum - GeoEcoMar, part of Black Sea Security System. System purchased during MARINEGEOHAZARD project, funded by Cross Border Cooperation ...

  35. July 07
    • Author Cristina I.
    • Length 2:59

    The Operational Program POCTEFA 2007-2013 is the fourth generation of EC financial support aimed at strengthening economic and social integration of the border area between Spain and France.

  36. July 06
    • Author Franz G.
    • Length 2:29

    In the course of the Interreg Project “Qualification of Historic Handicraft Techniques in Austria and Bavaria”, a seminar on dry-stone walling had been held on the Alpe Dias (Kappl) in the Paznaun ...

  37. July 15
    • Author Comunidade Intermunicipal do Alto Minho C.
    • Length 2:52

    Vídeo Promocional do Parque Transfronteiriço do Gerês-Xurés, inserido no projeto "Valor Gerês-Xurés" cofinanciado pelo POCTEP.
    Mais informações em:

  38. June 30
    • Author Tvrtko Č.
    • Length 2:31

    Croatian Radiotelevision/ Hrvatska radiotelevizija (HTV1)
    Broadcast- Euromagazin, Saturday 22 May 2010
    Journalist: Igor Rotim (Croatian Television).

    Story on Hungary-Croatia (IPA) CBC Programm...

  39. July 14
    • Author Anita H.
    • Length 1:44

    Dementia knows no constraints.

    Respect is a transboundary movement to create dementia friendly surroundings.

    There is no cure for dementia at present - But a more respectful way to handle de...

  40. July 15
    • Author David C.
    • Length 3:00

    The video has been produced in the frame of the GENIE project. It deals with promoting the tools and methods produced within Interreg IVA projects on the business life cycle.

    The current video ...

  41. July 14
    • Author Sandra M.
    • Length 2:53

    CAPITALI……WHAT? URBAN EMPATHY project. Med Programme. ECDAY AWARDS 2014

    This video pretends to give a breath of fresh air to the general confusion around the concept of Capitalization. To full ...

  42. July 12
    • Author José Antonio F.
    • Length 3:00

    Sustainable Socioeconomic Development of cross-border biodiversity Andalusia-Morocco.

    BioEconomy is the natural, cultural and human resources value enhancement project from the Intercontinental ...

  43. July 15
    • Author Bisera S.
    • Length 2:50

    It’s great to live in a border free Europe, and through the dAIR project that also extends to professional networks. This video explains how the project, which looks at decarbonising the air around...

  44. July 15
    • Author Bisera S.
    • Length 2:06

    In dAIR, barriers are no longer relevant, because good ideas cn be shared seamlessly between 14 European regions and airports. This video illustrates the way the project works and some of the activ...

  45. July 14
    • Author Tracey L.
    • Length 3:30

    This video explores Pumps as Turbine technology to generate energy from water sources as a solution which could be applied to an array of contexts from the urban networks of major cities to off gri...

  46. July 11
    • Author Gema C.
    • Length 2:59

    Comenius Week in Burela: 22-29 May 2014. Comenius Closing Ceremony of the Project: PLEASED TO MEET YOU! 60 students and 28 teachers from nine different countries took part in a play: "Pleased to ma...

  47. July 15
    • Author Cedric T.
    • Length 2:52


  48. July 13
    • Author M. Carmen C.
    • Length 2:45

    Territorial and Environmental Observatory (OTALEXC). Cross-border regions: Alentejo and Centro (Portugal) and Extremadrua (Spain) spent more than 16 years working together in the study and harmoniz...

  49. July 15
    • Author catalina d.
    • Length 3:01

    Artists: Zepha, Sex el niño de las pinturas, Axel Void and Abdellatif Moustad painting together at Tarifa (Cadiz) in Spain. They have been invited by Three Cultures Foundation and the Tarifa's town...

  50. July 15
    • Author Jesus B.
    • Length 3:00

    This video recorded in the border between Spain and Portugal, reflects across the daily details, the impact that the Programs of Transfrontier Cooperation have had on the daily life of the inhabita...

  51. July 15
    • Author Diego L.
    • Length 3:01

    Based on ESTRAMAR and MacSIMAR project goals and cooperation with countries on the macaronesian region.

  52. July 14
    • Author ANTONIO G.
    • Length 2:17

    “A window on the Family” is a support program for parents, developed between the Department of Health and Social Wellbeing of the Regional Government of Andalusia and the Algarve Regional Health Ad...

  53. July 14
    • Author Fabian D.
    • Length 3:01

    The European Interreg IVC project CASA ( is about the development of regional policy and exchange of knowledge around the up scaling of innovative ICT and services for independen...

  54. July 11
    • Author Francisco Javier F.
    • Length 3:01

    The cities of Badajoz and Elvas are located in one of the oldest borders in Europe: "La Raya" ,that separates Spain from Portugal. Since their Kingdoms delimited the border in 1267, both cities hav...

  55. July 15
    • Author Ángela D.
    • Length 3:00

    This video is the official presentation of the Euroregion Alentejo - Algarve – Andalucia (EUROAAA. After more than 20 years of joint projects, EUROAAA was institutionalised in May 2010 with the aim...

  56. July 15
    • Author Stephane R.
    • Length 3:01

    The video aims at outlining some of the experiences of/ by the beneficiaries of the cross-border cooperation project ReTCETEC whose main objective was to promote cooperation initiatives amongst te...

  57. July 10
    • Author Jenny F.
    • Length 2:03

    A video summarising some of the outputs achieved by the Inventorium Project throughout its funding period. Inventorium was a collaboration between CAST Ltd in Wales and the NDRC in Dublin.


  58. July 15
    • Author Silvia C.
    • Length 3:00

    The video illustrates the main challenges faced by the SUSTCULT project.

    The experiences of the SUSTCULT partners give evidence of the complexity of the challenging issues to face within the pro...

  59. July 15
    • Author Mar K.
    • Length 2:38

    A video highlighting the 3 SWEQUITY Exchanges run by the project.
    The SWEQUITY Exchange brings skilled execution teams together with idea owners to participate in a five-week accelerator challeng...

  60. July 01
    • Author Anna B.
    • Length 1:55

    Majtirgus / Kiemturgis green markets in Latvia and Lithuania - joint green markets created for a great green living.

  61. July 15
    • Author catalina d.
    • Length 3:00

    Flamenco dress designers joined Moroccan caftan stylists in Seville as an initiative of the cross-border project MÈRE in September 2014. They visited different studios and showed their proposal in ...

  62. July 14
    • Author Eszter C.
    • Length 0:34

    Borderless pleasure of the kadarka wine, brandy and beer

    Have you ever tasted the best kadarka wines, brandies and beers of 3 countries in 3 days? You can do it in the Danube-Kris-Mures-Tisa Eur...

  63. July 15
    • Author Mª Honorina B.
    • Length 3:00

    The video shows a drill with the actions undertaken after the sinking of a pleasure boat with victims in international waters of the river Miño (between the town of Goián (on the Spanish bank) and ...

  64. July 10
    • Author Denise G.
    • Length 2:52

    CarbonInspired 2.0 is a network for the knowledge transfer of high value added products based on nanoparticles towards the industry from the SUDOE Space (Spain, Portugal and south of France). Carbo...

  65. July 04
    • Author Vaido M.
    • Length 1:26

    Every day thousands of applications are born.
    Many of them don't find their place in the world -- it's hard to stand out.

    How we can make them fly and gain fame?
    See for yourself!

  66. July 15
    • Author Nele S.
    • Length 3:00

    Projekt: Grenzüberschreitendes Kompetenznetzwerk: Neue Perspektiven für eine nachhaltige Ernährungs- und Bewegungskompetenz (INTERREG 4a)
    Kurz: Ernährung & Bewegung ...

  67. July 15
    • Author Aneta S.
    • Length 2:55

    TOEE - położony w Euroregionie Pomerania, na polsko - niemieckim pograniczu nowoczesny ośrodek edukacji ekologicznej. W sercu Puszczy Wkrzańskiej, w budynku dawnej stajni funkcjonuje tętniące życie...

  68. July 15
    • Author GERMINAL G.
    • Length 3:00

    Israeli artist Rinat Izhak and Moroccan performer Karim Kharbaoui participated together under the cross-border project CREAMOS for the International Day of Peace at the Three Cultures Foudation.

  69. July 15
    • Author Octavio L.
    • Length 3:46

    The aim of the MaReS Project is to organise a common tool for all the archipelagos of Macaronesia for analysing, co-ordinating and identifying opportunities that enables them to face the challenges...

  70. July 15
    • Author Baldurs A.
    • Length 3:00

    Information about LatLit project TRUFFLE. (Video film fragments)
    Goals, procedure, first results.

  71. July 15
    • Author INMACULADA O.
    • Length 3:01

    The Video "A Walk in the Paths of Low Guadiana" as a result of the work carried out by Consejería de Medio Ambiente y Ordenación del Terriotorio in close collaboration between Project partners Guad...

  72. July 14
    • Author José P.
    • Length 2:50

    Every year, since 2009, the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC) "Eurocity Chaves-Verín", cross-border conurbation in the Spanish-Portuguese border, organizes the Education and Road ...

  73. July 15
    • Author Margarida R.
    • Length 3:01

    The EGTC ZASNET is promoting the project Cross-border Biosphere Reserve Meseta Ibérica. This project is financed by POCTEP (Operative Program of Cross Border Cooperation Portugal - Spain), which ai...

  74. July 12
    • Author Patrice D.
    • Length 2:54

    The video is an oveview of the key features of the PROSPECTS Project (To promote entrepreneuship in the European Colfield régions).
    This project involved 10 Patners from 9 countries of the EU. It ...


The videos below relate to cross border cooperation at the external borders of the EU through the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI).

  1. June 20
    • Author Nicoleta V.
    • Length 1:34

    We made it as a promotional video for a" eTwinning -plus'competition.

  2. July 12
    • Author Evgenya K.
    • Length 2:57

    Russian-Finnish Project "RescOp" ENPI CBC 2011-2014. "Development of rescue operations in the Gulf of Finland. Voluntary rescue service development"

  3. July 11
    • Author Jūratė N.
    • Length 1:56

    Animated video, that presents cross-border cooperation among Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus.

  4. June 01
    • Author Botnaru P.
    • Length 2:47

    …In 2003, an exceptional situation has been declared in the Vorniceni village, Republic of Moldova, because at the “Ion Inculet” lyceum was identified 75 cases of Hepatitis A.
    This situation motiv...

  5. May 29
    • Author Valentina I.
    • Length 1:05

    The last week of October was held under the banner of the project KARLANDS ENPI. Reserve " Kostomukshsky " as one of the partners of the project , participated in the field trip and the week of coo...

  6. July 15
    • Author Octavian T.
    • Length 3:01

    "Mircea cel Batran" Naval Academy is the lead partner of the MARINE project developed within the Joint Operational Programme "Black Sea Basin 2007-2013". MARINE stands for "Maritime network of educ...

  7. July 15
    • Author Elena C.
    • Length 2:55

    "Eco-efficient tourism" project was being implemented in the Republic of Karelia during the past 2 years in the framework of Karelia ENPI CBC Program. Experts from Russia and Finland were jointly d...

  8. July 15
    • Author ANDRZEJ S.
    • Length 2:52

    Review of activities within PL-BY-UA ENPI CBC Programme - from new roads and border crossings to happy homeless animals, hucul horses, healthy residents free of used batteries but full of cultural ...

  9. July 14
    • Author Jegor P.
    • Length 3:00

    We offer you a concept mining life of Karelia.
    Where there is a cultural nature parks.
    And the idea about the nature, has no borders.
    And unity with nature.

  10. June 25
    • Author Maxim T.
    • Length 1:06

    The video clip is presenting the unique networking week organized in Ilomantsi with the main aim to show the values of Finnish nature to colleagues from Central and Eastern Europe and Republic of K...

  11. July 12
    • Author Vladimir S.
    • Length 1:14

    Estonia-Latvia-Russia CBC ENPI Programme involves in close cooperation large parts of the three participating countries. Wide range of topics is covered within the Programme cooperation like cleane...

  12. July 15
    • Author Vladimir S.
    • Length 2:02

    “Children are the future, supporting them we already now build the basis for future prosperity” - in such way the year 2014 was announced “The Year of Childhood” in the Leningrad Region by the Gove...

  13. July 10
    • Author Anna L.
    • Length 2:52

    The project "Supporting the local self-government development to improve the quality of life in rural areas" is aimed at developing local self-governance system in remore rural areas that will lead...

  14. July 15
    • Author Natalia O.
    • Length 2:02

    This video presents project "EstRusFortTour-2" implementation.

    In Narva- Ivangorod twin-cities, at the Estonian – Russian border there is a unique fortresses ensemble of great cultural, historic...

  15. July 14
    • Author Oussama Z.
    • Length 1:38

    A young illegal immigrant is about to be taken back to his country of origin by force. As he is being taken to the port, he looks out of the car window and he imagines himself writing a letter to h...

  16. July 15
    • Author Kirill S.
    • Length 3:01

    The video is created within the frameworks of the Mining Road Project. It is devoted to the development of cooperation between Russia and Finland. The main idea is that borders devide people, but t...

  17. June 30
    • Author Markku L.
    • Length 1:56

    A video of new and cross-border marketing concept and platform.

    Karelia Expert Tourist Service Ltd. and Tietotalo InfoCenter Ltd.
    Implemented by Jarno Malaprade...

  18. July 14
    • Author Raluca F.
    • Length 1:38

    This video was designed, shot and produced by the volunteers of Save the Children Organization Suceava branch. The video highlights the existing problem of human trafficking and was realized within...

  19. July 15
    • Author Minea T.
    • Length 3:00

    Barents Mediasphere project helps journalists to network in the northern parts of Finland, Norway, Russia, and Sweden. The project brought together young journalists to participate in a professiona...